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Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle programme follows on from what students have studied in Primary school.  It is a broadly based programme designed to provide a good general education and to prepare students for their Senior Cycle studies.

The First Year curriculum is intended to provide the newcomers to secondary school with as wide a range of educational experience as possible, so that each student may discover his/her scholastic and vocational aptitudes.

First year

All students currently take each of the following subjects:

Civic, Social & Political Education (CSPE)    Irish    English    Maths   Social Personal & Health Education (SPHE)    French    German    Science   History    Geography    Business Studies    Religious Education   Art, Craft & Design    Music    Technical Graphics    Choir or Home Economics & Woodwork

Second and Third years

All students currently take each of the following examination subjects:

Irish*    English    Maths    History    Geography    Science   CSPE    Religion

* (unless exempt from Irish by the DES)

They also choose three other examination subjects from the following list:

French      German      Business Studies      Art, Craft & Design      Music    Materials Technology Wood      Technical Graphics      Home Economics

Students entering 2nd year are strongly advised to take a modern language.  However, where a student entering second year has a particular difficulty with languages, he/she may opt not to take either French or German, but it should be recognised that a European language is a requirement for admission to the majority of courses in the National University of Ireland (UCD, UCC, NUIG, NUIM, RCSI, Shannon).

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