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Wellbeing - Newbridge College

Wellbeing Indicators

Whole School Approach to Wellbeing

Our current School Self Evaluation focus in Newbridge College focuses on adopting a ‘Whole School Approach to Wellbeing’. The graphic was created and completed by the staff and students at Newbridge College. The graphic represents 5 key skills within the Wellbeing Programme that are being promoted and used in all areas across the College.

5 Key Wellbeing skills have been identified which meet the current needs of our students. The 5 key skills we identified and are developing are as follows – ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Collaborating’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Reflecting on Learning’ and ‘Learning How to Learn’. Several learning experiences have been identified and are being developed in relation to each skill across every subject department and extracurricular activity in our College.

In the graphic a tree was chosen to symbolise the continued growth and development of our 5 key wellbeing skills in our College. The roots represent the 4 Aspects of the Junior Cycle Wellbeing Curriculum. All our work is anchored in these roots and our 5 key wellbeing skills emerge from these roots. The leaves represent the 5 key wellbeing skills currently being focused on and we emphasise the importance of a sense of balance between the key skills.

Wellbeing Tree_1

Wellbeing Calendar

Please find a link to our Wellbeing Calendar which features some of the activities that take place inside and outside of class that are specifically focused on supporting student Wellbeing. We aim to ensure that students have experiences that support them in embodying the indicators from the NCCA Wellbeing guidelines:

Our calendar will be regularly updated and a live link on the website will keep you up to date with the activities happening in each of the year groups in the school.

Wellbeing Calendar (padlet.com)

Wellbeing Curriculum

We aim to develop and support the Wellbeing Indicators through all aspects of College life and in every classroom. Junior Cycle students also receive a broad Wellbeing curriculum through SPHE, CSPE and PE. In addition we have designed and facilitated our own modular Wellbeing programme for every year in the school and we are sharing our plan here with you so you can see the different ways that we are meeting the Wellbeing needs of our students.

You will find some of the experiences students have throughout the modules Learning to Learn, Digital Life, Friends for Life, Collaborative Projects, Inclusion and Relationships First.

Wellbeing Modules - Junior and Senior

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