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Sports Day


Events Schedule

1.  Sack race

2.  Egg 'n spoon race

3.  100 metres

4.  Wheelbarrow race

5.  200 metre race

6.  Three-legged race

7.  400 metre race

8.  800 metre race

9.  1500 metre race

10.  Relays

11.  Newbridge College Mile

12.  Tug-of-war

13.  Teachers vs. students tug-of-war and relay

FIELD EVENTS:triangular.jpg

High jump, long jump, shot, discus, javelin will begin with first years and end with sixth years. No times are allocated for these but when first years are finished, second years will begin and so on!!




When students are finished with their track and field event or are awaiting it, they may take part in fun activities.



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