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TRI Equestrian Inter-Schools ­Competition

Newbridge College is proud to host a leg of the­ Equestrian Inter-schools Show Jumping Competition on Sunday Feb 12th 2023 at Coilog Equestrian Centre, Kilmeague, Co. Kildare.

The schedule for the day and instructions as to h­ow to enter can be found on the links below.

  1. Club Application Form
  2. General Information
  3. Rules
  4. Grading System
  5. Equestrian Interschools website
  6. 6. Become a member of EII - www.itsplainsailing.com/club/eii

Newbridge College has a very active equestrian club.

We are active participants in the Equestrian Interschools Ireland (EII) League which takes place most weekends around the country between September and April.

We also host a leg of the EII league during the season.

Equestrian Interschools Ireland is a second level schools’ showjumping league and is established for over 30 years. It runs various competitions, catering for all levels of riders and Newbridge College try to send teams to every event. The College has been involved in the league since its inception and have enjoyed great success winning the Novice Team League competition in 2022. A Newbridge College rider also took first prize in the Novice Individual competition in 2022. Newbridge College won the Open (Senior) Team League competition in 2019, 2018, 2015 & 2013. Individual riders from Newbridge College also took home the Open (Senior) Individual title in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015. The 2020 league was unfinished due to the pandemic.

More information about the league can be found by clicking on the General Information and Equestrian Interschools website links above.

Balmoral Show, Northern Ireland

The first 5 teams in the EII league qualify for the annual Bluegrass Interschools Show Jumping Competition held at Balmoral Show, Northern Ireland in May each year. In 2022 this show takes place May 11th – 14th.

Hurst College International Showjumping Hickstead

Qualifying Interschools teams can travel to Hickstead for the Hurst College International Show Jumping event which takes place in August each year. Hickstead is the historical and world renowned all England jumping course. Qualifying teams at the event itself have the opportunity to jump in the main arena – a truly rare opportunity. Newbridge College have a great history at this show winning the Senior team event and the Senior individual event in 2018. In 2017 the Newbridge College Junior team placed 2nd and in 2016  both  Junior and Senior teams took 2nd place.

The many equestrian activities throughout the year demand commitment, not just from the members but from parents and guardians. These are the people who transport the horses and ponies to events, they are grooms and cheerleaders and are there to be moaned at when everything goes pear shaped!  But they are also on hand to praise and join in the celebration of a clear round well ridden. At the end of a long day they have the dubious pleasure of driving the tired riders and ponies home.

The club is run solely by parents  who over the years have become great friends and support each other through the hard work of keeping the Equestrian Club going with the steadfast support of the school staff especially the Principal Mr Pat O’Brien . We thank Pat and his staff for their continued support.

Newbridge College Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 45 487200 Fax: +353 45 487234 Email: info@newbridge-college.ie