Transition Year

In Newbridge College, Transition Year is an optional one year programme taken between Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate.  In recent years almost all 3rd year students have taken this programme.

While the primary aim of the programme is the social and personal development of the students, a great emphasis is also placed on the development of independent learning and study skills.

All students currently take each of the following subjects:

Irish  •  English  •  Maths  •  Biology  •  Physics/Chemistry  •  Computers (ECDL) •  Home Economics •   Religion  •  Art  •  PE  •  Business  •  History  •  Geography  •  Media Studies •  Law •  Kinaesthetics •  Music •  French/German

Students undergo work experience one day each week, currently this happens on Fridays.  They also take part in a Mini-Company programme which has been very successful.  Throughout the year students take part in many activities, including:

Hiking - Ice Skating - Film making - Visits to Museums - Adventure sports - Music workshops - First Aid - Prison Visit - Attending Conferences - Visit to 3rd level campus - Workshop in Dublin Zoo.

There are four assessments throughout the year.  Two are internal subject assessments and two are more formal assessments at the end of first term and at the end of the year. Each student will have an interview at the end of the year.

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